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The 23rd Cuna Conference

Recently we had Johnny Cupcakes speak at an annual conference of marketers and made the decision to offer our attendees a unique t-shirt designed by his team for the event. The shirt was VERY well received and he even stayed after speaking to autograph attendees’ t-shirts. The whole experience was seamless and the shirt became a treasured and unique memento of that year’s conference.
-Amy McGraw, CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Annual Conference Committee

Fairfax High School

After bringing Johnny in to speak to our school, we collaborated to create our senior class shirt. A special edition Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt, which was a screaming success!
- Leonard Choi, Fairfax High School


P&G hired Johnny Cupcakes to create both a marketing campaign and t-shirt, which was given out for free as an incentive to customers who signed up for the Gillette Shave Club. Additional tees were sent out as gifts for Gillette's employees, top clients, and influencers.

House of Blues

Johnny Cupcakes collaborated with House Of Blues for their 20th Anniversary! These celebratory, collectible tees were crafted and sprinkled across all of their locations!

Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference

HITEC, produced by HFTP - the worlds largest hospitality technology show, hired Johnny Cupcakes to produce a special t-shirt that they gave out to their attendees. The mission was to have merchandise and graphics that stood out from other conferences. Mission complete!

Coachella Festival

I had the pleasure of working with Johnny Cupcakes a few years ago for a collaborative t-shirt for the festival. They were quick, professional, and very easy to deal with. If given the opportunity, I would definitely work with them again.
-Jon Halperin, Coachella Festival

Suffolk University

We were blown away by the custom t-shirt design that the Johnny Cupcake team created! They did an excellent job incorporating our University’s mascot and school colors. The branding was perfect! The queue after the event went out the door, students couldn’t get their hands on the t-shirts quick enough! The next time we do a custom t-shirt we will definitely order double the quantity!
-Alex Paterson, Suffolk University

Goldwell Kerasilk

KAO, owners of Goldwell hair products, hired Johnny to speak at their annual marketing event. To surprise their attendees, they collaborated with Johnny Cupcakes to create a unique gift! They even ordered JC's signature pastry boxes, to top off the experience!


While working on an official celebration of the 1984 movie Ghostbusters with Sony, we teamed up with Johnny Cupcakes on releasing a limited edition t-shirt to include in the campaign. Not only was it one of the most successful aspects of the project, it was one of the easiest to make happen. Since dozens of the studio's employees were already fans of the brand, just his inclusion alone became a immediate highlight. The most impressive part of collaborating with Johnny is his own passion to not just phone something in. He has a legion of die-hard fans who understand that every product he releases is an extension of himself, something that forces him to focus on the quality of his clothing and, for lack of a better word, its specialness. Johnny brought so much to our campaign, with some fans driving more than 2 hours just to pick up the shirt, almost not even caring it involved Ghostbusters at all. I would strongly recommend trying to involve Johnny Cupcakes in anything you're doing; You'll be happy you did.
-Jensen Karp, Gallery1988, Sony’s Ghostbusters campaign

The Simpsons

Words to describe The Simpsons branded t-shirts, from our hugely successful collaboration, may also define Johnny Cupcakes’ fantastic team -- bright, bold, colorful and fun. The Simpsons is a crown jewel property for Fox and we were thrilled that the beloved animated family was represented so well by Johnny Cupcakes and received so warmly by consumers.
-Ricardo Cruz, Director, US Licensing, 20th Century Fox Consumer Products

Nickelodeon / Viacom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Our experience with Johnny Cupcakes was exceptional! They are not only very professional, but also a pleasure to work with. With Johnny Cupcakes, you get great attention to detail and extremely high quality product. Our Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles t-shirts could not have turned out any better!
-Jamie Glazer Nickelodeon / Viacom Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America

Bringing Johnny in as our “Thought Leader” for our event was a great decision, but layering in his team developing a customer t-shirt for the event was genius and turned the atmosphere into a rock concert! After Johnny “wowed” the group with his inspiring words, lines wrapped around the hall to get one of the limited edition custom shirts. We sold out in under 90 minutes and had to place an additional order. In true Johnny fashion he stayed to greet everyone in line even those that didn’t get a shirt. Our people are still talking about the event a year later and I often see the custom t-shirts around the country.
-Bart Burger, BPAA, Bowling Proprietors’ Association of America

Fun Facts

Most corporate gifting is predictable, outdated, and generic. Let's change that by thanking the people you appreciate with a unique gift! As a t-shirt brand that specializes in creating unique experiences, Johnny Cupcakes collaborates with organizations, meeting planners, and events to develop, design, and manufacture one-of-a-kind apparel for their customers, clients, and employees. We handle all aspects of the project until it’s delivered to your door! Our special pastry-box packaging is available as well! 

100 T-shirts is the minimum order for custom tees with an 8 week turnaround upon design approval. 50 T-shirts is the minimum order for a mix of non-custom, discounted, existing tees from our inventory with a 6 day turnaround. Due to high demand, we cannot accept every request.


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