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*THURS: 11-5 + IG LIVE 5:30-7


279 Newbury St.
Boston, MA 02116
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Newbury St. Boston, MA

My dad and I transformed my flagship t-shirt shop to appear like an old fashioned bakery where I display culinary themed t-shirts in vintage, industrial refrigerators, and on baking racks. I even made it smell like frosting! This is and always has been the model for all of my stores. Even when you purchase a t-shirt, we package them in our signature pastry boxes.

I worked closely with the team behind many of Jeff Koons' balloon animal sculptures for some of the experience; The grand entrance is a GIANT 13' tall retro oven that secretly opens up to the other 90% of my shop; There's a wall of 27 vintage ovens that open and close at random times; and upon checkout, you'll pay at a stovetop where fake fire flickers. It’s like Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, but Johnny Cupcakes and the T-shirt shop.

Our bakery aesthetic is so convincing, that customers are usually convinced they are walking into a bakery expecting to get a cupcake. My inner-jokester still gets a kick out of fooling hungry shoppers. Cupcake or not, customers usually leave with a t-shirt or a great story.