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Crossbones Pasta - 3 Pack

Pasta - $12

Try our brand new, super yummy, Crossbones Pasta! Snag a bunch for holiday gifts, keep your pantry stocked, and bring Johnny Cupcakes to your favorite recipes! 

-All natural
-Old world Italian Techniques
-Made in USA w/ Italian Bronze Dies
-Slowly dried overnight in traditional Italian cart dryers

Ingredients: Enriched durum wheat flour (contains niacin, riboflavin, thiamin, iron, folic acid), spinach powder, beet powder, tomato powder. Contains wheat.

What makes our Johnny Cupcakes pasta so special and delicious?  Imagine a cozy, boutique style pasta factory in Italy––that's what this looks like.  We collaborate with proud artisans who run a small business and care about locally made products.

Our manufacturing process begins with the highest quality ingredients we can find, like 100% durum semolina wheat and all natural vegetable powders.  Our pasta dough is carefully extruded through Italian-made bronze dies and dried slowly overnight in traditional Italian cart dryers.

This old world Italian approach creates a rough matte surface on the pasta and leaves it more porous so that pasta sauce clings to it beautifully like a baby tomato hugging its mom after its first day of school.  Most large industrial pasta companies use Teflon dies which produce shiny, slippery, pasta which causes the sauce to slip off and accumulate at the bottom of the bowl––f*ck that.

––Johnny Cupcakes.


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