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Johnny Cupcakes Says Black Lives Matter Sticker

Sticker - $6

Each sticker measures about 3" wide! Get it while it's fresh out of the oven!

100% of profits from the sale of this shirt will be split up and donated to Black Lives Matter, NAACP and DJ Dream Fund


When I only ate pizza in my hometown, that’s all my taste buds knew. It wasn’t until I ventured out and tried all different types of pizza to acquire a better understanding of pizza. It changed my life forever.

When I only listened to songs on the radio, that’s all my ears knew. It wasn’t until I ventured out and listened to all types of music to acquire a better understanding of music. It changed my life forever.

When I only knew white kids in my white hometown surrounded by other white towns, that’s the only perspective I knew. It wasn’t until I developed friendships with black friends that developed a better understanding of black lives. It changed my life forever.

My mom taught me about empathy; Attending Salvation Army’s Camp Wonderland gave me friends from all walks of life; Attending the South Shore Charter School gave me perspective; Touring with a band showed me a world outside of my bubble.

Inspiration for my brand came from black culture, movies, music, and style; My first concert was Boyz II Men, TLC, and Montell Jordan; My first cassette tapes were Snoop, Onyx, and Da Brat; My first CD’s were Domino and Seal.

If “Save the whales” doesn’t mean “Fuck all of the other mammals” why does “Black Lives Matter” trigger so many white people? Could you imagine attending a Breast Cancer march and seeing triggered people chanting, “All Cancer Matters?”. Of course all cancer matters. But in order for all lives to matter, black lives must matter, too, as they are in danger at a much higher rate.

And yes, it’s obvious that blue lives matter, because we can clearly see that police officers can murder people in broad daylight, while being recorded, and get away with it. It takes all fifty states and most of the world to protest for late, partial justice to be had, at best.

While “It’s only a few bad apples” rings some truth, when fellow officers do not speak up or intervene because of their blue code of silence, that’s when things become murky and tainted and provokes outrage to a system that is severely broken.

White privilege is a thing. I have it. And if you are white, you have it. I don’t have to worry about being shot when I jog, when I get pulled over, go bird watching, or when I’m sleeping in my own bed at home.

There have been systems put in place to give them a disadvantage. As fellow human beings, we must stand up for one another, educate, speak up, and act. What can we do? Do not be silent. Educate yourself. Educate others. Have conversations with white and black people. Watch and share these 4 YouTube videos:

With our Johnny Cupcakes Says Black Lives Matter t-shirt, we are splitting 100% of the profits between Black Lives Matter, NAACP, and the DJ Henry Dream Fund––an organization we’ve supported for almost a decade. Danroy “DJ” Henry was one of our customers. He was black and wrongfully shot and killed by police. His non-profit foundation provides children in need the opportunity to participate in programs they are passionate about.

Johnny Cupcakes

PS: Listen to Rage Against the Machine & Run The Jewels





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